Why Delegate?

DelegationWork load and pressure is such a common theme in my coaching sessions with clients.  So often I hear clients say that they have so much to do that they can’t manage the strategic aspects of the job and therefore, the job is about firefighting rather that proactively managing.   And yet when I ask them about delegating, a look of fear often crosses their face.  So why the reluctance?


In this article, I am going to explain exactly why you should be delegating:

Delegating Increases Team Member Motivation, Engagement and Responsibility

If team members feel they are responsible for meaningful work, they are more likely to give that work a lot more attention and effort to achieve the outcomes.  People generally have a desire to feel needed in their roles so if you give them work which is deemed important, it makes them feel that they are making a real contribution and are therefore likely to perform at the higher level to demonstrate just that.   What a great way to create a highly motivated and high performing team!

Exposure to new Experiences and Skills

By introducing team members to new experiences and skills it not only increases their motivation but it brings in a fresh pair of eyes to the task.  By delegating you are tapping into the employee’s creativity and encouraging them to bring new ideas to the table.

Career Progression

Of course, by delegating and giving new skills and experiences, you are also supporting your staff with their career progression.  Having new exciting projects they can put on their CV is a brilliant motivator to do a good job too!

It Frees Up Your Time

Delegating saves you from completing the non-influential tasks or from completing tasks which you are not so good at.  This will make your life easier, free up your time to work on the important work areas and allow you to develop yourself.

So next time you feel reluctant to delegate, remember these benefits – not only will your team thank you but you will become much more effective as a result.


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