What Others Are Saying

During a recent low point in my career I found myself really struggling with work pressures and a challenging relationship with my manager. Without realising it my levels of stress had been increasing significantly, I wasn’t using any particular strategies to help and had a growing sense of powerlessness with my situation.


Following advice from the HR Department I was offered support from Astara Coaching and in total received 6 sessions over about a 6-month period.  The sessions were a significant help to me and I would describe them as career-saving and a real life saver.


They involved the practitioner using a series of tools and techniques to firstly help identify my main problems and my goals, to look at my responses and to identify my learning styles and aspects of my own behaviour, from a more objective perspective. The sessions also included coaching in influencing skills, prioritisation techniques and reflective practice.


I was not only struck by the practical nature of the sessions but found the practitioner to have an incredible ability to make people feel at ease and from the start I quickly acquired a high level of trust in the process and the practitioner.


Thankfully for me (and with the help of coaching) my work situation has improved greatly and my career is now going from strength to strength.”

Senior Manager, NHS , Senior Manager, NHS

Yvonne’s gentle yet professional manner enabled me to confidently explore and deal with a longstanding negative experience.  I wholeheartedly recommend Yvonne.

Emma, Cornwall , Emma, Cornwall

I found the coaching sessions very helpful, in that they equipped me to return to work following maternity leave with a fresh outlook. I felt empowered by the knowledge that I gained from the sessions, the coaching enabled me to understand the differences that can exist within a team of people and the knowledge to work with these differences most effectively.

Physiotherapist, Yeovil , Physiotherapist, Yeovil

I worked with Yvonne during the early part of my development as a CCG GP particularly with presentation technique; she was very helpful and professional throughout.  I would recommend her.

GP, Somerset , GP, Somerset