Team Development

When a team outgrows individual performance and learns team confidence, excellence becomes a reality.”

Joe Paterno

Team Development

Action Learning Sets

An Action Learning Set (ALS) is an accelerated learning tool which can be applied to a group or team of people.  An Action Learning ‘Set’ or group (up to 6 people) will meet regularly to critically reflect on current work situations and to identify solutions.  These solutions are action oriented and at each meeting, these will be reviewed and appraised.

The Action Learning Set has many benefits:

  • It stimulates groups to appraise their work practices and continually examine ways to improve performance and practice.
  • It encourages staff to take more responsibility, be more proactive in business and develop a more strategic approach to their work.
  • It allows individuals to understand their own strengths and also the strengths of others in the learning set.
  • It facilitates strengthened team working between those in the action learning set
  • It focuses on issues which everyone in the ALS can relate to, meaning that team members learn from every session.
  • It supports leadership development and influencing skills by sharing skills, experience and approaches to learning.
  • It facilitates a learning and improvement culture within organisations.
  • Following the facilitated sessions, learning sets have developed the skills for being self-facilitating.