Our Services

Our services, designed to increase the performance of individuals or teams, include:


one-to-one and sponsored coaching

Coaching is a development technique based on one to one discussions which aim to enhance an individual’s skills and work performance.  At Astara Coaching we ensure our coaching sessions are based around specific goals; these may be work-based goals such as delivering a specific project or improve efficiency in an area of work, or may be focused on personal attributes such as increasing confidence to deliver presentations or improving leadership or interpersonal skills. →find out more

Team Development

Action Learning Sets (ALS)

An Action Learning Set (ALS) is an accelerated learning tool which can be applied to a group or team of people.  An Action Learning ‘Set’ or group (up to 6 people) will meet regularly to critically reflect on current work situations and to identify solutions.  These solutions are action oriented and at each meeting, these will be reviewed and appraised. →find out more

360 Feedback

360 Feedback for Individuals and Teams

At work feedback is vital to ensure that people and organisations perform optimally.  360 Feedback is a powerful tool for delivering objective feedback to individuals as part of their employee development.

By working with you, we can ensure that the 360 feedback tool is relevant to your organisation and appraises the skills and competencies you require from your employees.  That way, the 360 feedback will promote employee development in key performance areas. →find out more

Business Skills Training

Bespoke Training Programmes

Astara Coaching also specialises in bespoke training programmes to support your organisation.  For more information regarding our courses click here to email us or → find out more