360 Feedback

360 feedback

360 Appraisals and Feedback for Individuals

At work feedback is vital to ensure that people and organisations perform optimally. 360 Feedback is a powerful tool for delivering objective feedback to individuals as part of their employee development.

By working with you, we can ensure that the 360 feedback tool is relevant to your organisation and appraises the skills and competencies you require from your employees. That way, the 360 feedback will promote employee development in key performance areas.

Benefits of 360 Feedback

  • 360° feedback is a powerful experience for the individual employee and for teams or the organisation. The feedback from the appraisal will reveal how effective the employee is against a range of work based competencies. It also provides valuable information about their interpersonal style and style of working and how this impacts upon their delivery, as seen by all interested parties.
  • By focusing the feedback on real work based issues, the feedback can be acted upon by developing relevant actions to improve effectiveness in the workplace.
  • Research and experience suggest that the effective use of 360° feedback provides a motivating effect on managers and employees and results in lasting behaviour change.
  • Improved individual performance contributes to overall organisational performance.
  • 360° feedback can make the difference between having good managers and outstanding managers.

Team 360 Appraisal and Feedback

Team 360 feedback operates in exactly the same way as 360 appraisals for individuals. However, all members of the team will rate the team performance and then other stakeholders will also rate the team (such as the manager, other teams or departments, customers and other stakeholders). This works well in larger organisations where there is interaction between teams or where teams may have a customer interface. Feedback is then given to the team along with key development areas. The team is then encouraged to develop an action plan or a series of Action Learning Sets to increase team working and performance.